Located in Appalachia, the oldest mountains on earth, Herb Mountain Farm was originally established in 1970, as an organic vegetable and flower farm, by Hart Squire and his family in Weaverville, North Carolina. It is our goal, our greatest hope, that we can bring people here to share in the love of plants and all of nature to cultivate relationship and understanding.

Who We Are

We are a 138-acre Botanical Sanctuary and Learning Community in the Appalachian Mountains, with lodging and venue rentals, nestled between the Reems Creek Valley and the peaks of Mount Mitchell, calling in folks who want to come join us in honoring the natural world.

Our Vision for the Farm

Some of us have been nurturing the land all of our lives, some of us are rekindling that connection and some of us are just learning how to know the land, make allies with the plants and trees and creatures around us. Wherever we are on that spectrum, we can learn from one another and share in the wisdom of the natural world – we are a part of it!

Events, Lodging & Venue Rental

At Herb Mountain Farm, you will find numerous opportunities for immersing yourself in a plant haven, whether you are coming for a relaxing overnight getaway or for education, renewal and inspiration reasons. There are workshops, classes, camps, retreats, garden tours, trail walks and more!

Floral Gardens | Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC

Plants as Allies

Who among us is not in intimate relationship with the plant kindom? (Yes, that’s kindom, not kingdom, as we are all akin). Humans could not survive without the plants, and yet, they could survive fine without us. And despite this, they…

Retreat Centers

We chose to call our farm a Learning and Lodging Center, an alternative way of saying Retreat Center, in the hopes it would draw folks here looking for not only a place to rest and renew, but to also learn about and find something of meaning…
Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC

Species Inventory of Herb Mountain Farm

Hello everyone! Thank you so so much for visiting our website and checking out what we are up to here at Herb Mountain Farm! In 2014, Luke Cannon, aka Luke Leaning Deer, helped us compile a species list of who we have met on the property,…



Each week, we make several postings of a variety of topics- events, farm life, plants as allies and learning and lodging center inspirations.  Currently, this is the only social media we have, so please tune in:-) If you wish to share your email, we will send you quarterly updates of events and other news. Thank you for being a part of our Farm!

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