In the late 90’s, Hart and his then wife, Monika, built a home to raise three special needs children they adopted. As it was being built, Hart had a dream of one day using the building as a bed and breakfast-type lodge, for people to come and stay, learn and relax on the farm, and he would serve them farm to table meals. Being a chef and gardener, these two things bring Hart his greatest joy– growing food and cooking it for people!

It was in 2015 that we actually began the remodel of Hart’s former home to become Veritas Lodge, and even though Hart had made several things from the get go that helped it be more adaptable for a lodge, it has still been a lot of work, with many unexpected twists and turns. I bet anyone starting a new venture would say that! The open space studio and dining room are still not complete for photographing, but here are photos of some of our transformations:

The dining room was a garage (left)

Inside garage before dining room

Seth and Nathan laying tile in the dining room

Justin and Annika making the entrance a beautiful place

The stucco process

Hart and Seth laying the stone path entrance

Entrance currently

Little lovelies playing on the mattresses before they were installed in the bunks

Justin painting the high walls

Arnold dumping gravel for future cement pour

Back patio prep for concrete pour

Continual prep of back patio for concrete pour

Jonathan working on the project

Concrete pour complete- now we need tables and chairs!

Hart on track hoe landscaping/piping outside of Veritas Lodge

Same view later in the year

The septic project that nearly did Hart in

Never knew poop could cost so much!

Chris helping with the drainage field, and Nadia “helping” too

Morgaine working on parking area

Things are looking better, but when will they ever be complete? 🙂