Some of us have been nurturing the land all of our lives, some of us are rekindling that connection and some of us are just learning how to know the land, make allies with the plants and trees and creatures around us. Wherever we are on that spectrum, we can learn from one another and share in the wisdom of the natural world – we are a part of it!

Herb Mountain Farm is a lot like Dr.Seuss’s Lorax – We speak for the trees! In other words, we believe that much of earth has been and continues to be abused, disrespected and pillaged to a point where future life on earth is in great peril, unless…

Because there are still seeds of nature left, there is hope. Our mission is to awaken, rekindle and strengthen the relationship between plants and people while inspiring and fostering respectful planetary stewardship.

In everything we do at Herb Mountain Farm, the well-being of the next seven generations is taken into account. We may fail at times, but the intention and determination is continually there to make this a place that respects the future of this dear planet. It is our goal, our greatest hope, our prayer, that we can bring people here to share in the love of plants and all of nature to cultivate relationship and understanding – we protect what we love and we can only love what we know. If we can love the land, we have a much better chance of treating it with respect and care and bringing healthy practices to our surroundings.

We hope that whether you come here for a class or to take a farm tour that you leave feeling supported to take the knowledge and inspiration of how to live intimately with the land around you, no matter how big or small, and share that love with the next person you meet.

Floral Gardens | Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC
Floral Gardens | Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC
Bird Watching | Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC

We value preservation and conservation – helping restore the woods back to their abundant plant and animal life that was present under Indigenous Stewardship of this continent is key to our mission.

We are a member of the United Plant Savers Botanical Sanctuary Network, stewarding and introducing numerous native plants back into the ecology of the landscape. We have put 105 acres of the property into conservation easement through Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, so that it will be protected from human development.

We don’t harvest from the woods but rather use the abundance of the weeds in the cultivated areas around us for food and healing. Perhaps one day the woods will be thick enough again with the edibles and medicinals that we feel comfortable taking from it. Until then, we see the forest as a place to be observed, given unto with plantings and offerings, preserved and appreciated. We acknowledge that the First Nations Cherokee stewarded this land long before us and that our white predecessors stole this land from them. Planting,  tending and protecting biodiversity is one of the ways we make amends.  Visit our blog page on the many plant species alive and growing at Herb Mountain Farm. We update the list annually- it is a joy to return again and again to the continual wealth of diversity exploding on the property.

We do not use pressure treated wood, synthetic chemicals, artificial detergents and cleaners, GMO seeds, pesticides or herbicides on the property, to help the ecology around us. The soil, air and water don’t do well with those things, and neither do humans, ultimately. We value thinking about how our choices affect others – both human and non-human.

We value, welcome and celebrate all genders, colors, and cultures. Diversity is the spice of life!

Hart and Mary Morgaine, founders of Herb Mountain Farm Sanctuary of Plants and Healing, hold the vision to not only have a place where plant diversity is off the charts, but where we inspire more and more people to harmonious and compassionate living with our Earth Mother and all of her Creation – looking beyond our human supremacy mindset, into the thick web of life that holds us all.