Plants as Allies

Floral Gardens | Herb Mountain Farm | Weaverville, NC

Who among us is not in intimate relationship with the plant kindom? (Yes, that’s kindom, not kingdom, as we are all akin).

Humans could not survive without the plants, and yet, they could survive fine without us. And despite this, they continue to give of themselves century after century, generation after generation, bringing to our lives breathable, clean air, clothing, shelter, beauty, medicine, food, petrol products (ancient, decayed plants) and more.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, everyone of us is having a close relationship with plants. And if this is so, if Plants are our Allies, then why aren’t we as a nation honoring them more?

We have gotten off track of what’s important, and this is a Call to bring us back into seeing plants as allies and treating them as such.

Here are 10 Ideas of how to do that, if you aren’t already.

1)Appreciate the plants and trees around you. Give thanks! Appreciation is fundamental to healthy relationships.

2)Don’t harm them. Namely, don’t kill them with poisons. Yes, weeding out specific plants for desired habitat is an ongoing human thing- but this spraying of poison is new and dangerous and changing life as we know it into a toxic soup.

3)Get to know one or more plants right outside your door or window and observe them throughout the seasons- let them tell you their story. Be still. Observe. Ponder.

4)Grow a plant(s) or tree(s) that you are drawn to, and again, let it teach you who it is and what it needs and has to offer.

5)Tell your neighbors and friends about your plant allies- spread the word!

6)Create art in response to your relationship with certain plants. You don’t have to be an “artist”- you can make a mandala with leaves, a flower arrangement, a garden, photographs, pressed plants, drawings etc…There are endless ways of how to be creative with nature.

7)Find a plant(s) you are excited about thats wild, and edible, and start eating it regularly! Bring it to your table!

8)Make medicine from a plant near you. You can make a tea (infusion), tincture, salve, oil, poultice, or any number of things, to help heal an ill or prevent a sickness.

9)Smell them. Walk around and smell the plants. Your olfactory nerves will trigger ancient information in your DNA that helps you recall how connected you are to plants.

10)Give them Offerings. With an ally, giving gifts is common. Use your voice with song or praise, blow your finest kiss to them, bring corn or tobacco or another gift to their base, say a prayer, bring them fertilizer- offer them your love and care!

Green Blessings!