Retreat Centers

We chose to call our farm a Learning and Lodging Center, an alternative way of saying Retreat Center, in the hopes it would draw folks here looking for not only a place to rest and renew, but to also learn about and find something of meaning to take back out into the world and share with others. As we try to get the word out that we are here as a venue, Google and Instagram and everything of that nature has specific categories you can choose from to describe your business— it wont let you write in your own. So Learning and Lodging Center and Botanical Sanctuary is not on their list, surprise! So we chose Retreat Center, and we interchange this description where we can, with what feels more descriptive to us- a Learning and Lodging Center as well as a Plants and Healing Sanctuary.

Retreat Centers were originally established by religious practitioners, to have a place to retreat to, away from their everyday lives, to pray and to renew their connection to God. In the past several decades, Retreats have sprung up in all manner of styles. The intention remains the same, however, to step away from our day to day and be immersed in a connection to something dear to one’s heart, whether it be writing, painting, meditation, yoga, cooking and so on.

This act of making time away from the daily grind, to explore something you are passionate about and dedicate your day or days to that subject, is an investment in your well being and the well being of those around you. Its a gift that we can surely use in this day and age when things are moving so rapidly and self-care and focused study are not woven into our culture’s daily norm.

We have laid a strong foundation here at Herb Mountain Farm, for you to come and lead and/or partake of a learning and lodging experience, a retreat, a time away from the usual, a dedication to feeding your soul.

We are keeping it intimate though, as parking and lodging are limiting factors here. Not only that, our greatest passion is the Botanical Sanctuary side of our Farm, and when large numbers of people gather, plants often get trampled, it’s harder to stay on the trails, and we end up losing some of the diversity we’ve worked so hard on cultivating. We had someone call yesterday and ask if they could hold their retreat here of 70 people and I shared that there are other great venues nearby that could accommodate that much, but not here. We can sleep up to 17 and the teaching studio and dining room can hold up to 25. Our grounds can accommodate more, but still, we are a small, intimate venue.

We are so excited to see what groups or organizations choose Herb Mountain Farm as their Learning and Lodging Center for their workshop, event, gathering, conference etc…Everything is new and fresh here and awaiting the arrival of nature-loving people!