Whole of Veritas Lodge (Overnight)

Thank you for your interest in renting Veritas Lodge at Herb Mountain Farm!

We are excited to have teachers / facilitators / groups use Veritas Lodge for their retreat or workshop and want to make sure everyone is on the same page in order to best serve one another. Here are the criteria we look for and ask of someone renting Veritas Lodge as well as more logistics to decide if this is the right venue for your needs.

  • That your retreat, workshop or group is in some way connected with plants, healing or the greater natural world, or at least a deep appreciation for it!
  • The maximum number we can cater for in the Dining Room of Veritas Lodge is 30 people. 
  • Clear communication to your group that no pets are allowed on the property. If someone brings their pet, they will be asked to leave. Leaving pets in cars is not acceptable.
  • No harvesting or wildcrafting of anything on the property. If you want to teach a class that is physically interactive with the plants, we can discuss areas that may be growing in abundance for you ti use. This is very important and not to be taken lightly. There are many people coming here regularly so the footprint of what happens here is multiplied considerably – that is why we have a no harvesting/wildcrafting rule without an agreed upon plant(s). 
  • Honor the privacy signs and use only the areas that are the public part of the Farm.
  • We do not handle registration/payment for your retreat/workshop. If you would like us to advertise on our website, Instagram or Facebook, let us know. If it is a private event, we will certainly respect that.
  • The washer/dryer is for staff use only.
  • Parking directly next to Veritas Lodge is limited to 4 cars only.  The overflow parking is about a football field’s length away, so your group would need to be able to walk up to the lodge.

Pricing for Veritas Lodge:

There is two-night minimum for overnight whole rental.

Option 1:Renting all of Veritas Lodge without any catered meals is $400/night with a one-time cleaning fee of $125. The kitchen is strictly a vegetarian kitchen only and no meat products are to be cooked or prepared.  Butter, cheese, eggs, all ok.

Option 2: Renting Veritas Lodge without any access to the kitchen is $375/night with a one-time cleaning fee of $80. Organic Farm to Table Vegetarian catered meals are, per person: Breakfasts/$8; choose between brown bag lunches/ $10 or sit down lunches/$15; and dinners /$23. Our serving minimum is 10 people. Please note that you and your guests will not have any access to the kitchen under option 2. The Dining Room will have water, tea and coffee available at all times if renting under option 2.  If you have day students who will be joining for any meals, the price is the same as above. Our serving limit is 30.

We do not rent Veritas Lodge with some meals being catered and others not. Either it is rented as option 1, with the vegetarian kitchen being yours to use or hire a cook to make your meals, or option 2, with our staff serving meals. There are no gratuities. Either way, you can bring your own alcohol if desired.

Check-in time is between 4 and 8pm and check out is 11am. If this doesn’t work for your event, please inquire and we can discuss other options.

A deposit of 50% of your rental fee would need to be received before securing dates. Deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance is due no later than your check-in date.

Now that we have shared about us, and if it still feels like a fit, please tell us about you!